Parenting with the Apple iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 5S Parenthood adApple yesterday released a second ad in its new “You’re more powerful than you think” series. While the first one focused on health and fitness, the second one is likely to hit closer to home for many. Called “Parenthood,” It shows how the Apple iPhone 5S can make you a better and more fun parent in a number of ways.

Much like the previous ad, this one showcases a number of third-party apps and accessories that apparently make parenting easier. Among them are an app that shows kids how to brush their teeth and a camera accessory to get really close to those crabs by the sea.

Health and fitness, a core new feature in iOS 8 also make a return with more focus on exercise apps but also an accessory thermometer that can track a child’s temperature and help diagnose what ails them.

Home automation, another new feature in iOS 8, also makes an appearance. In one example, the iPhone is used to turn off the lights once baby falls asleep (via the Belkin WeMo light switch).

You have to wonder how all those parents managed before the Apple  iPhone came out! It can even help you find your dog!