Pressy “Almighty Android Button” runs into more production issues

Pressy button

After promising an update to explain the latest delays, Pressy yesterday provided a detailed update to project backers (including EyeOnMobility) on where the Kickstarter project stands. It turns out that they discovered a new issue on the manufacturing line when the first production Pressy buttons came off the line. “Lack of precision in one of the assembly steps” resulted in a number of buttons beginning to “to stutter after a few hundred clicks.”

The team has made adjustments to its production process and introduced new steps to its quality assurance process. It also decided to scrap the entire production run and start once more with the updated process. As  a result, deliveries have been pushed back to ensure that they “are guaranteed to be perfect” when they ship

The Pressy team now expects changes to the production line to be completed “in a few days.” Production will begin again at that point with shipments to follow soon after. The team’s new goal is to have the buttons shipping to customers in the next two weeks.

Pressy is a a programmable multi-function button that fits in the audio jack of an Android smartphone. Working in conjunction with an app, it can be programmed to trigger various actions with different combinations of button presses. The app will be published to Google Play once deliveries begin.

All in all, the delays are unfortunate but better than receiving a Pressy and only then finding out that it is defective. We continue to (im)patiently wait for ours.