Samsung to unveil Gear Glass in September?

Rumoured Samsung Gear Glass conceptGoogle Glass may soon have a few new competitors. With Glass expected to be available more broadly by the end of the year, Samsung is reportedly readying its own version of smartglasses for launch by the end of the year. Citing an unnamed Samsung associate, Business Korea reported yesterday that the Korean company is readying “a glass-type smart wearable device” for an announcement at IFA 2014, running in early September.

The so-called “Gear Glass” will be powered by Tizen, the same operating system powering Samsung’s latest generation of smartwatches. According to patent submissions, it will combine an ear piece and display. It could be used to both display and provide auditory information as well as play music. A similar report that surfaced in January also indicates that the Samsung Gear Glass will not be a standalone device but require a connection to a smartphone for many functions.

The earlier report also indicated that Samsung was considering launching its smartglasses as the Galaxy Glass but it now appears that it has decided to go with the Gear branding instead. The Gear family of devices already comprises smartwatches such as the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo and the Gear Fit fitness band.

Samsung has traditionally used the IFA tradeshow to unveil devices for the crucial holiday shopping season that closes off the year. In recent years, it has announced devices like the Galaxy Note 3 and first Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy ATIV S as well as the original Galaxy Note phablet. If Samsung does announce the Gear Glass at this year’s IFA event, it will likely do so alongside the Galaxy Note 4 which is rumoured to get a new form factor, possibly in the form of a three sided display.

Sony and Epson could also follow suit and launch their own smartglasses by the end of the year as well. Other companies, including Apple, Microsoft, and LG Electronics, have filed their own smart glass-related patent applications, suggesting that they will soon enter this market as well.


Sources : Business Korea // PhoneArena


  1. There have been a few stories of “Glass bashing” recently – If nothing else, it definitely is a device that is polarizing opinion.

    I think wearables such as Glass are here to stay and we have seen but the tip of their potential.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see if the “glass” concept gains mainstream acceptance. More and more places – bars, restaurants, other public places are banning Google Glass. There’s a video out of a woman wearing GG getting assaulted in a bar by other patrons. Will people become more accepting of the tech or afraid of it?

    Also, what makes people think their life is so interesting that other people would want to record it?

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