Adidas announces firmware update for Fit Smart fitness band

Adidas Fit SmartAdidas launched its Fit Smart fitness band over a year ago. The wrist-worn intensity training device can track a number of parameters including heart rate, calories, pace, distance and stride rate. A new firmware update now adds activity tracking turning it into more of an all-day fitness companion.

“Embodying a healthier lifestyle is about more than just excelling in the gym,”says Stacey Burr, GM – adidas Digital Sports. “It’s making sure you avoid extended periods of inactivity and keep moving throughout the day. By combining the insights of heart rate monitoring and activity tracking, FIT SMART now brings more insight about your body and lifestyle resulting in a more effective and rewarding journey towards the results you want.”

With this latest update, users will be able to share data collected by the Fit Smart with the Adidas Train and Run app. It will now be possible to set goals and measure progress against them. These include daily activity goals for steps, distance and calories. It also supports weekly goals “for those who like to mix it up without the regimen of a disciplined training schedule as it provides motivation and simple guidance for users to maintain an optimum balance of effort.”

The Adidas Train and Run app is available for Android and iOS.

Adidas-owned Runtastic recently unveiled the Runtastic Moment, a fitness tracker that sports the looks of an analogue watch.

Source : Adidas