Apple planning to unveil Apple Watch 2 in March

Apple Watch 2 concept by Eric HuismannApple formally unveiled the Apple Watch at its Spring Forward event back in March. Rumours now suggest that Apple will hold a similar event in March 2016 to unveil its second-generation Apple Watch possibly along with a new 4-inch Apple iPhone 6C. smartphone. The new Apple Watch 2 (name still to be confirmed) would likely begin to ship in April, roughly a year after its predecessor went on sale.

The new report sheds little detail on what Apple has in mind for the Apple Watch 2. Past rumours have hinted at a number of new technologies and enhancements but it remains to be seen which if any make it into the new smartwatch.

Among the rumoured new features could be a new video camera built into the top bezel to enable FaceTime calls and more autonomy thanks to improved Wi-Fi capabilities for lighter data needs (like weather conditions or emails). A new Find My Watch feature similar to the one to find your phone could also be in the cards. The Apple Watch 2 could also come in new styles and with new band accessories.

This latest rumour is the second to suggest that Apple will unveil a new smartwatch sometime in Q2 2016. Quanta chairman Barry Lam allegedly let the cat out of the bag recently, saying that the Apple Watch 2 would come with “fully upgraded hardware and software.”

Perhaps the biggest question is whether Apple will go with an evolution of its current design like the concept above by Eric Huismann or unveil a round model like the concept below by Hass.T.

Apple Watch 2 concept

Source : 9to5Mac