Google teases official name for Android M

Android M name optionsMuch as it did last year, Google earlier this year announced the latest version of Android at Google I/O. The developer preview version was unveiled as Android M with the promise that an official dessert name would follow in time for the public release of the next version of Google Android.

Do you wonder what Google will name this upcoming version of Android? Google has put together a short musical video offering a few options:

Here’s a little musical hint about our next episode… Have a guess what M is?

Among the possibilities offered by Google in the video are Moon Pie, Marzipan, Malt Ball, Meringue, M&M and Marshmallow. That last could be an early favourite based on this shot late in the video:

Android 5.0 Marshmallow perhaps?

Android M is preceded by Lollipop, KitKat, Jellybean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Froyo, Eclair, Donut and Cupcake. Versions 1.0 and 1.1 were released without official names.

Google is likely to officially reveal Android M’s name when it unveils the next generation of Google Nexus devices. Unlike past years, rumours suggest that we could see two Nexus smartphones this year, a 5.2-inch model built by LG and a 5.7-inch phablet by Huawei. An announcement is expected this fall, likely in the October to early November time frame.

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