Blackberry A10

BlackBerry Z30 shows up in another video

Rumoured BlackBerry Z30

The BlackBerry Z30 has been the topic of quite a few rumours (including as the BlackBerry A10 or Aristo) and there is little that is not known about the Canadian manufacturer’s upcoming flagship smartphone. For good measure, it has posed once more for the video camera to again confirm the look and size that other rumours have suggested. The new […]

BlackBerry Z30 poses next to Nokia Lumia 925

BlackBerry Z30 next to Lumia 925

Rumours have been hinting a new BlackBerry smartphone with a 5-inch display codenamed Aristo for some time now. Expected some time later this year, it was initially expected to launch as the BlackBerry A10 but more recent rumours suggest that it be known as the BlackBerry Z30. It has already appeared in videos as well as in pictures next to […]

BlackBerry Z30 lines up next to Z10 and Q5

Rumoured BlackBerry Z30 next to Z10 and Q5

We learned earlier this week that the next BlackBerry 10 flagship device will likely launch as the BlackBerry Z30. With a 5-inch display, it will be bigger than the Q5 with its 3.1-inch display (and QWERTY display) and the BlackBerry Z10 with its 4.2-inch display. But how much bigger remained unanswered until today. CrackBerry has obtained pictures that show all […]

BlackBerry Z30 revealed in pictures and leaked videos

Rumoured BlackBerry Z30 logo

We know quite a lot about the next BlackBerry 10 device that BlackBerry is set to unveil. Currently known as the BlackBerry A10 or BlackBerry Aristo, new information may have revealed its official name. Buried inside a leaked beta version of an upcoming BlackBerry 10 update, a number of references to a BlackBerry Z30 have been found. Not only is […]

BlackBerry A10 shows up in new video and pictures

Rumoured BlackBerry A10

A number of images of the upcoming BlackBerry A10 (codename Aristo) have already surfaced in past weeks. Now comes a nearly four minute video of the device along with a number of additional images courtesy of Vietnamese website (the same folks who already captured the BlackBerry Z10 and Moto X on video before their announcements). The report lists the […]

BlackBerry A10 to have removable back after all?

Rumoured BlackBerry A10 render

Imagery of the BlackBerry A10 (codenamed Aristo) continues to surface. After a couple of images showing both the front and back and a short video, a new render from a support tutorial shows a few new details about the upcoming flagship device. Rumours to date have suggested that the BlackBerry A10 will come with a non-removable 2,800mAh battery. This would […]