Garmin-Asus announces Windows Mobile-powered nüvifone M10

Along with the nüvifone A50, Garmin-Asus announced the Windows Mobile powered nüvifone M10 which has already been available for pre-order for some time. "The Garmin-Asus M10 is our answer to people’s need for work-life balance. The M10 runs Windows Mobile, making it the ideal smartphone for business use, while its smart navigation capabilities, comprehensive social networking features and connected services […]

Garmin-Asus announces Android-powered A50 smartphone

Ahead of the Mobile World Congress, Garmin-Asus today announced the Android-powered Garmin-Asus nüvifone A50. The A50 benefits from the personalization and enhanced features offered by the Android platform, and also includes Garmin navigation with turn-by-turn, voice prompted directions for use in a car or while walking. Location features are designed into virtually every function including email, text messaging, and photos. […]

Garmin-Asus planning Android phone for 2010

Earlier this month, Garmin-Asus announced that it will launch an Android-powered smartphone in the first quarter of 2010. One executive indicated that it might even come out before that. Few details were released but it would use Garmin GPS technology. Garmin-Asus announced two smartpphones earlier this year. The nüvifone G60, the original nüvifone which was actually announced back in early […]

Garmin-Asus announces nüvifone M20

Garmin-Asus unveiled a second mobile phone in its nüvifone product line. The Garmin-Asus nüvifone M20 is an all-in-one phone, mobile web-browser and premium navigation system with a Windows Mobile operating system. As the first Garmin-Asus nüvifone powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional with enterprise email, the sleek and colorful nüvifone M20 is designed for on-the-go professionals who want a fashionable […]

Garmin-Asus reveal nüvifone G60 specifications

Just days before the start of the Mobile World Congress, Garmin-Asus has released the final specifications of the upcoming nüvifone G60. The nüvifone G60 was developed with an LBS-centric design philosophy. Location information is added to everyday applications including email, SMS, photo sharing, social networking and more in order to enhance applications and share location information with others. The G60 […]

Garmin and ASUSteK announce mobile phone partnership

Garmin and ASUSTeK announced today a new partnership that will see the two companies offer co-branded location-centric mobile phones. As part of the announcement, the two companies promised to offer several Garmin-Asus nüvifone models in 2009, including a new model to be announced at the Mobile World Congress. LBS functionality is core to the Garmin-Asus nüvifone series, which will offer […]