• Samsung Gear S3 to be announced on August 31st

    Mark your calendars! Samsung today announced that its next press event will take place on August 31st. Dubbed the New Gear Launch Event, Samsung plans to “talk about 3.” Throw in a circular watch face and it’s almost certain that the company will use the event to announce the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch. Add in the “timely innovation” mention from the teaser […]

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  • Hugo Boss unveils BOSS Watches Smart Classic smartwatch collection

    Hugo Boss is the latest fashion house to announce a line of smartwatches. The company first teased them back at Baselworld 2016. It has now revealed new information about its upcoming BOSS Watches Smart Classic smartwatch collection. Two smartwatches will make up the Smart Classic line at launch. In fact, both are closer to “smarter watches” than true smartwatches. While full specifications are […]

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  • Are these the rumoured Google Nexus smartwatches?

    Rumours that Google was working on two Android Wear smartwatches gained further credence with the publication of some renders of what they could look like. The two images show the Angelfish and Swordfish Nexus smartwatches on the left and right respectively. It must be noted that these renders were created by Android Police from source material provided by their sources. The […]

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  • Nixon Watches unveils Nixon Star Wars: Millennium Falcon collection

    The Nixon Star Wars: Death Star collection was released back in May. It only makes sense that the latest Nixon Star Wars collection focuses now on the Light side. The latest additions focus on the Millennium Falcon, the freighter made famous by smuggler Han Solo and Chewbacca, his Wookie co-pilot. The Millennium Falcon, originally known as YT-1300 492727ZED, was a modified YT-1300 […]

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  • Samsung WELT smart healthcare belt spun off as independent company

    Samsung showed off its WELT (short for “wellness belt”) smart healthcare belt at CES 2016. Developed under the umbrella of the Samsung Creative Lab (C-Lab), it is one of five projects that became an independent startup company after Samsung deemed it to be not only creative but also having high potential for commercial success. “This year is the fourth year since C-Lab was initiated,” said […]

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Acer to unveil gaming Predator smartwatch at IFA 2016?

Acer Predator logo

IFA 2016, one of the largest consumer electronics trade show, is just around the corner. It has become a key event for manufacturers unveiling new devices for the fall and holiday shopping seasons. New wearables expected to be unveiled at this year’s event include the Samsung Gear S3, ASUS ZenWatch 3 and new Moto 360 smartwatches from Lenovo among others. If […]

Discommon Goods Watch Wallet for your travels

Discommon Goods Watch Wallet

It can sometimes be difficult to keep track of all of your important but small items when travelling. As if keeping track of essentials like your passport and credit cards was not enough, add a couple of watches (you’ve got to have the right watch for every occasion after all) and you may be wondering how best to carry everything in a convenient […]

44% of millennials already own a smartwatch

Variety of smartwatches

While smartwatch sales showed signs of slowing down earlier this summer, at least one demographic group appears to have strongly embraced smartwatches. A study looking at smartwatch ownership conducted by Fluent found that 44% of millennials have already purchased a smartwatch. In comparison, only 23% of non-millennials said that they owned one. The study also found that millennials are more likely to own Apple […]

Concept Sunday: Red Bull Can Phone

Red Bull Can Phone concept

What if Red Bull decided to get into the smartphone business? And what if it gave designers two days to come up with concepts for a device worthy of the brand’s name? Even wilder, what if it licensed Apple’s iOS as the operating system. The Red Bull Can Phone, a wearable smartphone, might be the outcome. As implausible as it all sounds, […]

No cellular connectivity for upcoming Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2 concept by Eric Huismann

Rumours earlier this year suggested that the upcoming Apple Watch 2 would come with cellular connectivity. Bloomberg today reports that Apple was indeed trying to make its next-generation smartwatch less dependent on the smartphone but “hit roadblocks in making major changes that would connect its Watch to cellular networks and make it less dependent on the iPhone.” It now looks […]

Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2 revealed?

Rumoured Fitbit Charge2 and Flex 2

Fitbit recently confirmed that it was planning to unveil new products before the end of the year. Rumours that these would be updated versions of the Fitbit Flex and Fitbit Charge gained credence this week thanks to leaked images of the Fitbit Charge 2 and the Fitbit Flex 2 surfacing online. The Fitbit Charge 2 will improve upon the original Charge in a number […]

Vancouver’s Roldorf+Co to be first Canadian authorized NOMOS dealer

Nomos Tetra neomatik

NOMOS Uhrenwerk Glashutte is coming to Canada! Vancouver retailer Roldorf+Co will be the German company’s first authorized Canadian NOMOS dealer. The retailer is marking the occasion with a special event that will take place on August 25th. We cordially invite you to get to know NOMOS Glashütte timepieces from the outside in, and also to a champagne toast as we celebrate our […]