Amazon takes aim at Apple iPad Air with latest Kindle Fire HDX ad

8.9-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

The Apple iPad Air continues to attract the attack ads. Both Microsoft and Nokia recently took aim at Apple’s latest tablet, touting the superiority of their own tablets. You can now add Amazon to that list. Its latest Kindle Fire HDX ad takes on the “magical new iPad Air with Retina Display” and finds it lacking in a number of areas.

Not only does the Kindle Fire HDX pack nearly a million more pixels and weigh some 20% less (the fact that it’s a smaller tablet may play a role in this) but it also costs less, selling for US$379 compared to the iPad’s starting price of US$499. “Sharper, lighter, for less,” concludes the ad.

The ad even appears to mock the Jony Ive product launch narratives that have him describe how Apple came up with its latest products. The Apple iPad Air characteristics are touted by a British voice before being beaten down by one with an American one.

It’s clear that, despite the fact that iPad tablets don’t dominate the market the way they did only a few years ago, they are still the standard by which customers measure other tablets. Tablet manufacturers know that and will continue to hammer at that perception, probably for a while yet.

Source : 9to5Google