Google to offer bumper case and LG QuickCover for Nexus 5 via Google Play

With the latest Nexus smartphone now official and for sale, we can expect to see Google Nexus 5 accessories to quickly follow. Google itself is already listing two of them, a bumper case and an LG QuickCover, on Google Play but they cannot be ordered just yet.

The first is a bumper case available in Black, Gray, Bright Red, Bright Yellow. Measuring 142 by 74 by 10 millimeters and weighing 19 grams, it adds little bulk to the Nexus. It features a hard outer shell and soft rubber lining that will protect your phone from bumps and shocks.

Google Nexus 5 bumper case

For those looking for a bit more protection, there is also the LG QuickCover. It is a custom-fit unibody case that comes with matte finish front cover. It features a hole on the front so that you can see the LED notification light even with the cover closed. At 39 grams, it weighs a bit more than the bumper case. It measures 140 by 74 by 12 millimeters. It is available in Black or White.

Google Nexus 5 LG CoverCase

Both cases promise to not interfere with Nexus wireless chargers.

The Nexus 5 Bumper Case will sell for CA$34.95 and the LG QuickCover for CA$49.99. Both are listed as “coming soon.”

Sources : Google Play (Bumper case) // Google Play (LG QuickCover)

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