Google Nexus 5 coming soon in yellow?

rumour_google_nexus5_yellowRumours earlier this year suggested that Google would offer the Google Nexus 5 in more colours than black and white. Not long after, Google did in fact launch a red variant in February. Among the other colours rumoured was a yellow model but it has yet to surface. That may be about to change according to none other than Google.

Google’s own Android website lists its smartphones and tablets. The product page for the Nexus 5 on Google’s own Android website now shows that “it comes in black, white, red, and yellow” [our emphasis]. The change appears to have been made as recently as today.

Before you rush off and try to get your hands on the yellow Google Nexus 5, just know that it has yet to show up on Google Play. Should this not just be a human error, we expect that it will sell for the same price as other colours (CA$349 for the 16GB model and CA$399 for the 32GB one).

With the Google Nexus 5 having been released last October along with Android 4.4 KitKat, it may well be that Google is looking to the yellow variant to give sales a bump until Google is ready to unveil new Nexus devices (perhaps next month?).

Who’s grabbing the yellow Nexus 5? Let us know below.

Sources : Android // PocketNow