Is OnePlus getting ready to launch OnePlus OneWatch?

Rumoured OnePlus OneWatchRecent rumours have suggested that OnePlus is already working on a second device. Known only by its codename Lettuce, it’s likely a successor to the OnePlus One (which was codenamed Bacon). As we surmised, earlier, it could also be a companion device, especially if OnePlus thinks that Lettuce goes well with Bacon. Could it be a smartwatch? If a photo and concept drawing sent to BGR India today are any indication, it may well be OnePlus’ next product.

The photo shows what appears to be a web page for the OnePlus OneWatch. The page shows the watch from the back, revealing only a metal body with a stamped logo, a round dial and a leather band. The concept drawing sheds more light on the device. It would sport a round OLED display protected by sapphire glass, titanium borders on the frame and a configurable button. A curved battery would be embedded in the leather strap and charged using a Qi wireless charger.

Rumoured OnePlus OneWatch

There is no word on what operating system the watch would run. With the OnePlus running on CyanogenMOD 11S (based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat), Android Wear would certainly not be unexpected.

Let’s hope that the OnePlus OneWatch does not turn out to be a hoax like the OnePlus Tab was. But the fact that the device shown in the picture lacks the button shown on the concept drawings is not a good sign.

Source : BGR India