Concept Sunday: Modular Project OMNI smartwatch

Thinkable Studio Project OMNI conceptWhile Project Ara’s modular smartphone has been delayed to 2016, the Blocks modular smartwatch is weeks away from its big crowdfunding kickoff. It promises to give us the ability to build our own smartwatch using a core module and link blocks that come together to form the bracelet. But others are also thinking about modular smartwatches. Project OMNI from UK’s Thinkable Studio is another such concept.

Image if you could have a watch that adapts to your needs? Imagine if it could compliment your look whatever the occasion? OMNI represents our view of the wearable future, with individuality, ease of use and expandability as the three main design pillars. We believe in a modular approach to smartwatches, able to bridge the best of technology and style into an [sic] rich ecosystem of devices.

Thinkable Studio Project OMNI concept

Project OMNI is built around a core smartwatch engine that can easily be strapped into a wide range of strap carriers.  A “drop in and click” mechanism makes changing straps easy. Not only can straps come in an infinite combination of materials, colours and styles but they can offer different inbuilt functions. As soon as the OMNI core module is clicked into the new strap, it would detect with functions are available and enable their use.

Thinkable Studio Project OMNI concept

A fitness strap could incorporate a heart rate monitor as well as perspiration and skin temperature sensors in a rugged design while one designed for an evening out could be made of precious and rare materials. Another could offer a rotating bezel for situations where a physical interface would be more suitable (for example, diving).

Designed for a variety of wrist sizes, the core Project OMNI module measures 36 millimeters in diameter and is 9 millimeters thick. It is powered by Android Wear, presumably enhanced with the ability to automatically detect strap functions and specifications.

As technology improves over time, future core OMNI modules would be offered. These would remain compatible with straps offered for previous modules. Upgrading would be as easy as replacing the core module.

Thinkable Studio Project OMNI concept

While Project OMNI is not as modular as the Blocks smartwatch, its advantage may be that it will support a greater variety of watch styles.

We certainly hope that Project OMNI will move past the concept stage!

Source : Thinkable Studio