The future of the Motorola brand

Motorola logo

We learned at the height of CES 2016 last week that Lenovo will phase out the Motorola brand. A new post on the Motorola brand provides more context for the decision. As we initially reported, Lenovo will focus its marketing on its Moto and Vibe (known as Le Meng in China) sub-brands for its smartphones. It’s not quite the end for the Motorola brand […]

Moto 360 Sport now on sale in U.S.

Moto 360 Sport

Already on sale in the UK and France since December, the Moto 360 Sport is now on sale in the U.S. as well. The more rugged version of the new 2nd generation Moto 360 is now available online from Motorola and Verizon Wireless. Geared at fitness enthusiasts, the Moto 360 sports some differences designed to make it more resistant to the wear and tear of exercise. The body and […]

Lenovo to phase out Motorola brand

Motorola - A Lenovo company

The last chapter in the famed and long-storied saga of the Motorola brand is about to be written. When Lenovo acquired Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014, it offered mobile devices under both the Lenovo and Motorola brands. It has now decided to retired the Motorola brand in favour of offering all devices under its own brand, Motorola Chief Operating […]

Moto 360 Sport to launch in Canada and U.S. early next year

Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Motorola unveiled its new Moto 360 Collection back in September. Alongside the new 2nd generation Moto 360 was the new Moto 360 Sport for fitness enthusiasts. While the former is now available widely, the latter has yet to hit stores. Motorola today finally revealed when it will hit stores. The Moto 360 Sport will first go on sale in the UK and France on December […]

Motorola opens Moto Shop in Chicago for holiday season

Motorola Moto Shop

Motorola today announced that it will open its first retail store in time for the holiday season. The Moto Shop will open in downtown Chicago, the company’s home town, on Saturday November 7th. Smartphones and wearables are the most personal accessories we own, and we want to make the shopping experience for Moto devices equally personal. That’s why we’re introducing […]

New Moto 360 smartwatch arrives in Canada on October 28th

Moto 360 (2015) Collection

Motorola Canada today informed us via email that the new Moto 360 smartwatch will finally be available in Canada starting on October 28th. It will be carried by Best Buy Canada (which has been taking pre-orders since early September), TELUS Mobility and the Google Store. The new Moto 360 has more styles, more features and more battery, offering countless design possibilities to […]

Best Buy Canada now taking new Moto 360 pre-orders

Moto 360 (2015) Best Buy Canada pre-orders

Best Buy Canada is not wasting any time! A week after Lenovo-owned Motorola unveiled its new Moto 360 Collection, the retailer has begun to take pre-orders for a number of models. Six different models are currently available: 42mm Silver Moto 360 with Cognac leather strap: CA$379.99 42mm Black Moto 360 with Black leather strap: CA$379.99 42mm Blush Moto 360 with Blush leather strap: […]

Concept Sunday: Cancelled “value-tier” Moto 360 concept

"Value tier" Moto 360 concept

Motorola this week unveiled its new Moto 360 Collection. Last year’s smartwatch has grown into a line consisting of three different models. Along with a new 46mm model, there is now a smaller 42mm model and a more rugged model, the Moto 360 Sport, geared at more active users. Under different circumstances, there might also have been a cheaper model geared […]