NVIDIA document suggests HTC-built Google Nexus 9 coming in Q3

NVIDIA legal document reveals Nexus 9

NVIDIA recently filed a patent infringement suit against Qualcomm and Samsung. The suit, the first of its kind for NVIDIA, alleges that the two companies are are infringing seven GPU patents and have so far been unwilling to negotiate licensing fees for those patents. In documents filed in support of this lawsuit, NVIDIA has inadvertently confirmed what weeks of rumours […]

NVIDIA announces SHIELD tablet and wireless controller

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and Controller

As recent rumours suggested, NVIDIA today unveiled a tablet that focuses heavily on gaming. As expected, the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet comes with NVIDIA’s own TEGRA K1 processor with 192 GPU cores. Eleven games, including Trine 2, War Thunder and Half-Life 2, have already been optimized for the Tegra K1processor and join some 400 SHIELD-optimized games available through the SHIELD Hub. NVIDIA SHIELD […]

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and wireless controller revealed?

Rumoured NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and controller

We caught a glimpse of the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet earlier this week. New promotional images obtained by VideoCardz.com have now given us another glimpse at the tablet. Better yet, they have also revealed the specifications of the tablet and confirmed that a SHIELD wireless controller and tablet cover will be offered alongside as accessories. The tablet looks much like it […]

NVIDIA readying new Tegra K1 reference tablet with WUXGA display?

NVIDIA Tegra K1 reference tablet

NVIDIA unveiled the US$199 Tegra Note tablet back in September as a reference design tablet for its NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor. With the announcement this week at CES 2014 for the new Tegra K1 processor, it should come as no surprise that NVIDIA now appears to have unveiled details to its partners of a new reference design called the Tegra K1 […]