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Where to get the Motorola Moto X Play in Canada

Motorola Moto X Play

Less than a month after unveiling the new Moto X Play, along with the Moto G (2015) and Moto X Stylus (which is not expected to come to Canada), Motorola’s de facto flagship smartphone for the next year or so today landed in Canada. Moto X Play specifications: Processor: Motorola Mobile Computing System (1.7GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, Adreno 405 GPU, […]

Where to get Motorola’s Moto G (2015) in Canada (Updated)

Motorola Moto G (2015)

Motorola earlier this week unveiled its latest smartphones. The first to launch in Canada will be the latest iteration of the inexpensive Moto G which the company first introduced back in 2013. Much as last year’s Moto G improved on the original model with a few key hardware upgrades, the latest model improves on last year’s with better front and […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launching in Canada on October 17?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 global launch plans

A new infographic posted by Samsung Mobile on its Facebook page has revealed Samsung’s global launch timelines for its new Galaxy Note 4. Having launched last week in its home country of South Korea as well as China, the phablet will now march across the world in a set of launches occuring between October 10 and November 5. Each launch […]

Koodo Mobile tops 1 million subscriber mark

Koodo Tabador

Koodo Mobile has hit an important milestone. The flanker brand owned by TELUS has hit the one million subscriber mark. To say thank you, Koodo customers can call 1-844-TAB-ADOR and listen to “brand spokes-luchador El Tabador” thank them in different and amusing ways. Aside from the Diabolical Thank You that you can hear below, there is a ‘90s R&B style thank you, […]

Software update headed to Moto G in Canada to fix call issues

Software update for Moto G

It’s turning out to be a busy day for the Moto G. Along with the announcement that the Moto G was coming soon to Virgin Mobile Canada, a new software update is rolling out to TELUS and Koodo owners of the smartphone. Version 173.44.30.en.CA is a maintenance release that addresses a number of issues, most of which center around call […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 coming to Canada in April

Samsung Galaxy S5 in blue

Samsung has just unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5. The official press release only indicated that it would be available across the globe starting in April leaving us to wonder what the plans would be for Canada. Samsung Canada has now answered this question and confirmed that it will be coming here (no big surprise right?) with […]